Attention on weed control in cereal crops this month will pay dividends later…

With good conditions for weed emergence right now in cereal crops across the UK, ensuring a good, cost-effective start to grass and broad-leaved weed control this autumn is vital for growers in achieving best crop establishment to maximise yields. Identifying key weed problems and careful planning in terms of product choice and stacking of residual... Read more

Valuable early summer weed control in maize crops!

  Clayton Kibo® – Product Profile Fast-acting sulfonylurea herbicide active against a wide range of Annual broad-leaved weeds in forage and grain maize. Clayton Kibo contains 750 g/kg prosulfuron formulated in water-dispersible granules and is absorbed by both the leaves and roots of target weeds. With flexible application timings up to and including 4 true... Read more

Clayton Kibo Technical Bulletin