Company Overview

Clayton Plant Protection Ltd. was formed in January 1991 and has evolved rapidly to market and distribute a wide range of generic and parallel agrochemicals in Ireland, the UK and the European Union. The company is wholly owned by Tom and Marie O’Mahony and has an excellent reputation in the markets in which it operates for providing high quality, well packaged products with a known provenance.

We are continuously innovating and striving to provide our markets with cost effective options for their agrochemical needs. Growing demand has seen us expand from our core UK market into new markets in mainland Europe where we are growing our presence in Poland, France and Germany with new markets on the horizon. To support these activities, we have an ever-broadening global network of manufacturers, formulators, consultants, suppliers and clients that share our values.

We offer a wide range of leading crop protection products including selective and non-selective herbicides suitable for all sectors as well as fungicides and insecticides for the agricultural and horticultural sector. We are a responsible company and work continuously with our customers to ensure that our products are used correctly to protect both the environment and the food chain.

Core Values

As a customer-centric organisation, we strive to provide a positive customer experience before and after the sale to build relationships, drive repeat business, customer loyalty and ultimately profitability. We achieve this through our agility, quick actions and response times, our reliability to deliver the product on time and in good quality, with integrity and honesty as the provenance of the product is most important to us and lastly with accountability in that we stand over our products and deal with complaints without prejudice.

Meet our team

David O'Mahony

Managing Director

William Ridgwell

Sales & Marketing Manager

Tom O'Mahony


Marie O’Mahony


Gill O'Mahony

Accounts Manager

Ann-Marie O'Mahony

Customer Services

Ian Flanagan

Regulatory Affairs Manager