Attention on weed control in cereal crops this month will pay dividends later…

Posted on 17 October 2022

With good conditions for weed emergence right now in cereal crops across the UK, ensuring a good, cost-effective start to grass and broad-leaved weed control this autumn is vital for growers in achieving best crop establishment to maximise yields. Identifying key weed problems and careful planning in terms of product choice and stacking of residual herbicides for targeting post-emergence weed control will help growers achieve the best start for successful weed control.


Clayton have a number of options and good product choices for the autumn. Growers targeting effective control of problem broad-leaved weeds such as Common Chickweed, Speedwells, Forget-me-not, Field Pansy, Groundsel, Mayweeds, Red Deadnettle, Cranesbill and Black Nightshade should consider using products based on high performance and cost-effective actives like flufenacet, DFF and prosulfocarb.


Products such as Clayton Facet XL® and Clayton Sabre XL® (co-formulations containing flufenacet and DFF) can be used in winter wheat up until before third tiller stage (GS 23) and in winter barley until before GS 24. Whilst the products Clayton Comply® and Clayton Obey® based on the active prosulfocarb can be used in winter wheat and winter barley up to early tillering (GS21).


These products also provide effective control of problem grass weeds such as Annual Meadow-grass, Rough-stalked meadow grass as well as moderate control of Blackgrass and Loose-silky bent.


With other supporting products such as Clayton El Nino® and Pendifin®400SC based on straight actives DFF and pendimethalin, Clayton is able to offer a wide choice of very cost-effective herbicides for weed control needs in cereals.



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