T1. Disease Control Planning.

Posted on 14 April 2024

T1 timing is key for delivering effective disease control in cereals for the season ahead.

It’s been a difficult season so far with a mild wet winter and only a brief cold snap in January. Field conditions vary widely across soil types and fields, but in general crops are starting to look greener after a dose of nitrogen.

Key things to consider:

  • Assess each crop in terms of its yield potential, soil and crop condition ahead of T1 timing, to tailor fungicide sprays to individual fields.
  • Consider upgrades at T1 from single triazoles to more effective or broader spectrum co-formulations e.g. tebuconazole + prothioconazole for added disease control benefits at little extra cost.
  • Consider a multi-site e.g. Folpet at T1 as an important part of the overall disease control programme and to protect other chemistry as part of good resistance management.

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