T3. Tailor product choice to match your crop challenges.

There are essentially three main disease challenges in cereals at the T3 timing. Understanding which of these are relevant to your crop will be key to cost effective disease management and extending green leaf retention. Brown Rust Brown rust is typically associated with warm conditions at this time of year and current weather conditions are... Read more

T3. Tailor product choice to match your crop challenges.    

T1. Disease Control Planning.

T1 timing is key for delivering effective disease control in cereals for the season ahead. It’s been a difficult season so far with a mild wet winter and only a brief cold snap in January. Field conditions vary widely across soil types and fields, but in general crops are starting to look greener after a... Read more

T1. Disease Control Planning.    

T3 timing and product choice critical for effective disease protection!

Early ear emergence, rapid movement of foliar diseases up the plant and current grain prices all mean that an effective T3 application is crucial. Product choice should not only be focused on controlling the quality and yield losses from fusarium but also foliar disease top up which will depend on variety and previous fungicide applications. ... Read more

T3 timing and product choice critical for effective disease protection!    

Yellow rust warning for this late spring period.

As well as more susceptible varieties Yellow rust is now being reported found in varieties where it may not have been expected including Gleam, Skyscraper and Graham (Yellow rust scores for these varieties are 5, 7 and 7 respectively). Yellow rust is often more pronounced with late drilled and stressed crops, the current prolonged spell... Read more

Yellow Rust Control - Late Spring    

Clayton Plant Protection products offer valuable choice and flexibility for tackling Blackgrass this autumn in cereals.

Celebrating 30 years in the UK Agricultural industry, Clayton Plant Protection works closely with customers to provide alternative, high quality and flexible product solutions for growers. With an expanding portfolio of proven generic formulations, Clayton have the vital product choices and field performance needed for tackling key weed problems in the rotation such as blackgrass.... Read more

Clayton Blackgrass Product Range 2021    

Understanding Different Product Types Available from Clayton Plant Protection!

Clayton’s growing product portfolio is a hybrid mix of ‘Generic products’, ‘Parallel imported products’ and ‘Third-party products’. The current Regulatory system can be complex and confusing, so we have provided a quick-reference summary of the different types of products we market.  Generic Products  A generic product, also referred to as an ‘off-patent product’, is a... Read more

Clayton Plant Protection Product Types 2021    

Clayton Neutron® – Technical Bulletin – Spring 2021

Clayton Neutron, new to the market in 2021, is a suspension concentrate sugar beet herbicide containing 700g/l metamitron. As part of the rapid expansion of Clayton’s generic product portfolio, Clayton Neutron has been developed as a reverse-engineered version of the popular sugar beet herbicide, Goltix. Clayton Neutron was registered through the article 34 process which... Read more

Clayton Neutron - Spring 2021