Seasonal Focus: Autumn Oilseed Rape Fungicides

Posted on 01 October 2023

Protecting oilseed rape crops cost-effectively this autumn.

For the best start, closely monitor crops for Phoma and Light leaf spot spray thresholds* in the autumn period and treat with broad-spectrum protective and systemic fungicides (with either straight or co-formulated product options) where required.

Disease management to control damaging diseases in the autumn is vital, where losses to Light leaf spot can be as much as 1.0t/ha, and typical yield reductions to Phoma infection are 0.5t/ha in susceptible varieties. AHDB data shows average yield responses to a two-spray autumn fungicide programme at 0.3t/ha.

*Phoma spray threshold: 10-20% plants infected (use lower threshold on more susceptible varieties and/or where plants are small).

*Light leaf spot threshold: as soon as infection is seen (to confirm disease, incubate leaves).

Light leaf spot should be prevented from developing early. Good protection from subsequent disease development will be provided by a protective application of prothioconazole or tebuconazole in autumn/winter after GS20 (usually late October to early December). Follow up spray(s) with an alternative product may be required in the spring from stem elongation, depending on disease development.

Phoma leaf spot/Stem canker can be found from October onwards and best control of stem canker may be expected from an autumn application (after GS 20) of prothioconazole or tebuconazole based products applied at the first sign of disease. A repeat application of an alternative effective product in late autumn/winter may be required if symptoms reoccur.


Clayton Navaro®

  • One product solution for early autumn disease control
  • Dual-active prothioconazole (125g) and tebuconazole (125g) co-formulation
  • Targeting damaging Light leaf spot and Phoma
  • Additional beneficial growth regulatory effect on forward crops

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Clayton Trellis®

  • Powerful solution for both Phoma and Light leaf spot control
  • EC formulation with high-loaded 160g prothioconazole and 80g tebuconazole
  • Proven approach to autumn OSR disease management
  • Offers complementary strengths of both tebuconazole and prothioconazole
  • Added convenience of a one can solution, for cost-effective, rounded protection

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Clayton Tuskar®

  • High-loaded, straight prothioconazole (250g) EC formulation
  • Powerful systemic, protectant and curative fungicide for wide disease control options
  • Targeting damaging Light leaf spot and Phoma
  • Flexible tank mix compatibility options with other autumn actives

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Clayton Tebucon® 250 EW

  • High-loaded, straight tebuconazole formulation
  • Cost-effective disease control option
  • Beneficial growth regulatory effect on forward crops

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