Explore our latest Technical Bulletin: T0. Disease Control Starting Point.

Posted on 01 March 2024

T0 is the perfect time to set up season-long control of key diseases in wheat and barley.

This spring, growers face a diverse range of crop situations, unlike last season, with increased variability in cropping due to later drilling and very wet autumn/winter field conditions.

Where yield potential is already limited, growers should consider using more cost-effective fungicide products for early spray timings in many situations this spring. Added to this, Clayton trials in 2023 looking at the response to different fungicides at T0 and T1 showed that higher input spend on fungicides at these early timings did not result in a significant yield benefit and may, therefore, have negatively affected overall margin over input cost. T0 is therefore the ideal timing to look for cost savings whilst adequately dealing with early disease management, notably rust.

  • Early sowing increases the risk of Septoria and Eyespot, though Septoria pressure is generally much lower than last year.

  • An early rust fungicide at T0 has proven often well worthwhile.

  • Yellow rust should be a consideration for low resistance scoring varieties; a number of major varieties on the RL score 5 or below.

  • Assessing each crop in terms of its over-wintered condition and yield potential should be a priority, to tailor T0 sprays accordingly.

  • Consider cost-effective upgrades at T0 from single triazoles to co-forms e.g. tebuconazole + prothioconazole for added benefits at little extra cost.

  • Use T0 as an opportunity for a ‘cost-effective’ start to control of these diseases.

  • Consider T0 fungicides in combination with other integrated strategies including BioSolutions containing biostimulants and beneficial bacteria which can benefit early disease control at this timing e.g. Clayton NUEWheat.

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