For cost-effective cereal disease control this spring… Clayton Tuskar, Clayton Tebucon 250EW

Product focus for disease control: Clayton Tuskar™  Powerful systemic, protectant and curative triazole fungicide. Active: 250g prothioconazole Suggested rates: 0.55L Disease strengths: Septoria: protectant + eradicant activity. Best choice for stem-based diseases e.g. Eyespot and good activity on Mildew. Clayton Tebucon™ 250EW A reliable systemic triazole fungicide Active: 250g tebuconazole Suggested rates: 0.5L Disease strengths:... Read more

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For cost-effective cereal disease control this spring…

Product focus for disease control: Clayton Canyon™ SC An ideal partner choice for disease control in cereals. A flexible, multi-site protectant fungicide for the control of Septoria and a range of other cereal diseases with an alternative mode of action for use in fungicide resistance management strategies and stewardship programmes. Provides strong protection against Septoria... Read more

T0. Disease control starting point - Clayton Cereal Fungicides    

Explore our latest Technical Bulletin: T0. Disease Control Starting Point.

T0 is the perfect time to set up season-long control of key diseases in wheat and barley. This spring, growers face a diverse range of crop situations, unlike last season, with increased variability in cropping due to later drilling and very wet autumn/winter field conditions. Where yield potential is already limited, growers should consider using... Read more

T0. Disease Control Starting Point - Clayton Cereal Fungicides    

Protect oilseed rape cost-effectively this autumn.

Clayton can provide a wide choice of fungicides for early disease control in the critical autumn window as young crops are establishing. Achieving good crop establishment to maximise yields relies on effective, early-season control of problem diseases like Light leaf spot and Phoma. Using reliable, high-performance formulations will help growers minimise the damaging impact of... Read more

Start as you mean to go on with your T0 fungicide applications this spring.

T0 is the ideal spray timing to set-up season-long control and protection of a number of key diseases in cereals. Take a closer look at our T0 fungicide Technical Bulletin which focuses on Yellow rust control as well as a useful product summary of various Clayton product options which can be utilised at this early... Read more

T0 Timing Bulletin - Yellow Rust Control    

With crop prices on the rise, protecting valuable oilseed rape crops this spring is worth paying attention for…

“With oilseed rape at the start of March now approaching £700/tonne, protecting crops adequately this spring against key foliar diseases is important to protect and maximise profit margins.” says Will Ridgwell, Clayton Plant Protection.   With good autumn conditions leading to successful early crop establishment, most areas of winter oilseed rape have fared reasonably well... Read more

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