The most flexible products available, for reliable grass & broad-leaved weed control in cereals.

Posted on 31 August 2022

Clayton Sabre®XL / Clayton Facet®XL

Proven, trusted, formulations for a cost-effective alternative choice.

  • Wider label with approvals on more cereal crops including spring wheat and spring barley
  • Higher maximum total dose: 0.9 L/ha for powerful weed control 
  • Added flexibility with sequential split dose applications of 0.6 L/ha (until 31 March) followed by 0.3 L/ha (after 31 March) 
  • Later cut-off spring application timings to  GS23 (winter wheat) and GS24 (winter barley)

Generic Competitors

  • Only approved for use on winter wheat   and winter barley
  • Lower maximum total dose, restricted to 0.6 L/ha
  • No approval for sequential applications
  • Earlier cut-off application timing of 31 December, limited use period


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