Cereal Herbicides - Autumn 2023

Ensure a good, cost-effective start to weed control this autumn. With a range of reliable, leading herbicides available to agronomists and growers for use in cereal crops. 

Clayton Sabre XL®, Clayton Facet XL®

400g/l flufenacet and 100g/l diflufenican

Approved cereal crops: winter wheat, spring wheat, winter barley and spring barley.

Use rate & timing: apply at up to 0.9 l/ha (as a split dose*) for preemergence and post-crop emergence use. *0.6 L/ha until 31 March in the year of harvest and 0.3 L/ha after 31 March in the year of harvest. Latest time of application before GS23 (WW) or before GS24 (WB).

Target weeds: Annual Meadow-grass, Common Chickweed, Common Field-speedwell, Forget-me-not, Field Pansy, Groundsel, Mayweeds, Red Deadnettle (all Susceptible) and Blackgrass (Moderately Susceptible).

Clayton Comply®, Clayton Obey®

800g/l prosulfocarb

Approved cereal crops: winter wheat and winter barley.

Use rate & timing: apply at 5.0 l/ha pre-emergence or 3.0 l/ha early postcrop emergence up to early tillering (GS21).

Target weeds: Rough-stalked meadow-grass, Common Chickweed, Speedwells, Cranesbill, Forget-me-not, Red Deadnettle, Black Nightshade (all Susceptible) and Annual Meadow-grass, Loose silky bent and cleavers (Moderately Susceptible).

Clayton El Nino®

500 g/l diflufenican

Approved cereal crops: wheat, barley, durum wheat, rye and triticale.

Use rate & timing: apply at 0.25 l/ha pre or post-crop emergence in winter wheat & winter barley or 0.2 l/ha pre-emergence in rye and triticale.

Target weeds: A wide range of Susceptible BLWs, see label for full details.

Pendifin® 400SC

400 g/l pendimethalin

Approved cereal crops: winter wheat, winter barley, durum wheat, winter rye and winter triticale.

Use rate & timing: apply at 3.3 l/ha post-emergence up to 4 leaves.

Target weeds: Annual Meadow-grass and a wide range of ABLWs (all Susceptible),see label for full details.