Product Focus – Performance Biologicals & targeted Insecticides for Pulse Crops

Posted on 30 April 2021

BIOLOGICALS & INSECTICIDES Effective pest control in pulse crops.

Clayton Plant Protection offers a wide range of crop protection products for use in peas, field beans and lupins. As high-value crops, achieving healthy crop growth to maximise both yield and quality is vital, and relies on good agronomy and effective control of damaging pests, diseases and weeds through the growing season.

The pulses sector operates in both animal feed and human consumption markets. Key to crop success and marketability for end-use markets (supermarkets etc.) are continued focus around weed control, emerging pest and disease problems, and developing IPM programmes that combine good agronomic practice, crop protection and novel, naturally derived control methods with minimal environmental impact.

As high value crops destined for multiple end uses including both animal feed and human consumption markets, maximising crop yield & quality in pulses relies on effective, early control of damaging disease, pests and weeds. Careful planning in terms of product choice will help growers achieve the best results for their pulse crops this season.


Biologicals and targeted Insecticides for effective pest control in pulses, including caterpillars, moths aphids and weevils.



Naturally occurring bacterial insecticide.

WG formulation 54% Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki strain ABTS-351.


Fast-acting aphicide for pea and bean crops.

WG formulation 50% w/w pirimicarb


Pyrethroid insecticide for broad-spectrum pest control in pulses.

EC formulation 50g lambda-cyhalothrin


As a Biological product ideal for use in IPM programmes, Clayton Expel® is a naturally occurring bacterial insecticide which can provide control of caterpillars and some control of Cabbage moth in edible and combining peas and protected beans. Clayton Sparta® controls a broad range of pests in field beans and peas, whilst Clayton Pirimicarb is a fast-acting aphicide for controlling damaging aphid species including Pea Aphid and Black Bean Aphid.


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