Product focus across our Field Vegetables range – Fungicides!

Posted on 20 May 2021

Performance fungicides targeting robust disease control in important field vegetable crops this season. Make sure you protect your crops adequately against rust, blight, mildew and other damaging diseases.

Choose from protectant strobilurin fungicides (Azofin® Plus) for broad-spectrum use on a wide range of vegetable crops or Clayton Gear® and Clayton Tine® targeted at disease control in Carrot crops.



Targeting robust disease control in vegetable crops


Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture. WG formulation 37.5% cyprodinil + 25% fludioxonil

Crops: Carrot1, Celeriac2 Use rate: 0.8 kg/ha. (Maximum no. treatments: 2 per crop2 / 3 per crop1).

Diseases controlled: Alternaria Leaf Blight1, Sclerotinia1,2


Broad-spectrum systemic and protectant strobilurin fungicide. SC formulation 250g azoystrobin

Crops: Asparagus1, Outdoor Brassicas2 (Broccoli, Calabrese, Brussels Sprout, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kale, Collards), Bulb onions/Garlic/Shallots3, Carrot4, Leek5, Lettuce/Endive6. Use rate: 1.0 L/ha. (Maximum no. treatments: 2 per crop1,2,6 / 3 per crop3,4,5).

Diseases controlled: Downy mildew3,6, Leaf rust5, Purple blotch5, White tip5, Alternaria Leaf Blight4, Powdery mildew4, Stemphylium1, Rust1, White blister2, Ring spot2, Alternaria2.


Targeted systemic fungicide. SL formulation 465g metalaxyl-m

Crops: Carrot Use rate: 1.3 L/ha. (Maximum no. treatments: 1 per crop).

Diseases: Cavity Spot disorder (reduction)


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