Newly released 2021 Product Guides provide valuable insight into our product range for growers and agronomists alike!

Posted on 30 June 2021

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With a growing product range, and in particular, a clear focus on continuing to expand our portfolio of generic products, Clayton Plant Protection have produced this Spring a series of new, informative Product Guides across a range of product areas and crops. Each concise guide contains useful basic and background agronomic details for readers as well as product use guidance including a ‘Product Profile Quick Guide’ for easy reference. One of Clayton’s USPs and cornerstones of the business is the ability to provide valuable cost-effective product choice to growers and an important alternative choice to customers from the large multinationals. 

The product guides released this Spring include; Cereal Fungicides, Oilseed rape Fungicides Potato Range, Cereal PGRs Range, Maize Herbicides, Pulses Range, and Field Vegetables Range. Below is a snapshot of information about the 2021 guides at a glance…

Spring Cereal Fungicides

Clayton have developed a strong range of top-performing generic fungicides for cereal crops, utilising high-quality formulations developed, manufactured and authorised in the UK and Europe which provide protection against key fungal diseases in cereals. With a range of important active ingredients including prothioconazole, azoxystrobin, metconazole and tebuconazole, leading brands include Azofin Plus®, Protefin®, Traciafin Plus®, Metfin90™ and Clayton Midas®.

Spring Oilseed rape Fungicides

Clayton’s range of products will help growers achieve optimum results and put in place a platform for effective disease control as well as good canopy management of forward crops. With a choice of powerful, broad-spectrum protectant and curative prothioconazole-based fungicides, to control spring diseases. Leading brands include Protefin and Traciafin Plus®.

Potato Range

Featuring a range of fungicides, herbicides and insecticides for use in protecting potato crops, users can find out more about performance fungicides targeting Early blight (Alternaria) disease, broad-spectrum herbicides for robust control of grass and broad-leaved weeds in early and maincrop potatoes and targeted insecticides for effective aphid control. Leading brands include Azofin Plus®, Clayton Comply®/Obey®, Pendifin®, Clayton Mizuna and NEW launch Clayton Mizen.

Cereals Late PGRs

Clayton offers a choice of PGRs for later spring timing in cereals. Tephon® a new launch for 2021, containing ethephon and Clayton Proud® a co-formulation containing mepiquat chloride and ethephon are ideal to shorten and strengthen upper internodes to prevent stem lodging in cereals and reduce brackling in barley to improve harvest efficiency. With flexible label use, Clayton PGRs allow the application of single or split doses for certain crops.

Maize Herbicides

With a wide range of spring herbicides for effective grass weed and broad-leaved weed control, Clayton products offer a flexible choice of pre-emergence and post-emergence timing options. Leading brands include Pendifin 400SC™, Clayton Launch®, Clayton Kibo®, Clayton Nero® and Clayton Tassel® all play a valuable role in grower programmes.

Pulses Range

Clayton market a wide range of fungicides, herbicides and insecticides including biologicals for protecting peas, beans and lupins. Key to marketability for end-use sectors is focused around developing IPM programmes for weed, pest and disease management which combine good agronomic practice, crop protection and other novel methods with minimal environmental impact. Our leading brands including Azofin Plus®, Metfin 90™, Shift® Clayton Expel®, Clayton Baritone® and Clayton Kwiz® can play a valuable role in these grower-led programmes.

Field Vegetables Range

With high-value crops, the key to success in consumer end-user markets is developing integrated programmes, combining best agronomic practice and crop protection methods through the growing season. With product focus on fungicides such as Azofin® Plus to protect crops against rust, blight, mildew and other diseases and a wide choice of broad-spectrum herbicides to target grass weeds, broad-leaved weeds and volunteers. Biologicals (ideal for IPM programmes) such as Clayton Expel® and Clayton Spinoff® and Insecticides ensure effective pest control for caterpillars, moths, aphids.

As well as this informative resource library of Products Guides, Clayton also publishes in-season Technical Bulletins for specific products of interest. Clayton will also be updating and re-releasing range of specific ‘Autumn use’ Product Guides later this year, covering OSR Herbicides, OSR Fungicides Product Guide and Cereal Herbicides.


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