NEW Technical Bulletin – Clayton Creed fungicide

Posted on 04 August 2023

Clayton Creed is a specialised co-formulation containing cyprodinil and fludioxonil, providing broad-spectrum disease control across a wide range of specialised crops. It has label approval for use in crops including Carrots, Celeriac and Pulses as well as in a wide range of Top fruit and Soft fruits. 

It’s a highly versatile and cost-effective product for specialist growers and formulated in the UK. Another high-quality product from Clayton’s expanding range for growers to choose from…

Product key features

  • Locally systemic and protectant disease control
  • Resistance management from two modes of action
  • Wide range of on-label crops
  • Control of Sclerotinia and Alternaria leaf blight in carrots
  • Formulated in the UK to the highest quality
Find out more product details right here.
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