Important New Label Changes To Cereal Herbicides: Clayton Facet XL®, Clayton Sabre XL® and Clayton Aspect XL®

Posted on 25 August 2021

Clayton Plant Protection now have NEW approvals and label changes in place for three of their key autumn Cereal Herbicides. Previously branded as Clayton Facet, Sabre and Aspect, all these three products now have new MAPP numbers and have been rebranded (with an XL suffix to their name).

Clayton Facet XL®

(New MAPP No. 19724)

Clayton Sabre XL®

(New MAPP No. 19725)

Clayton Aspect XL®

(New MAPP No. 19721)

Product Information

SC formulations containing 400g flufenacet and 100g diflufenican for pre-emergence and post-crop emergence use in winter wheat, spring wheat, winter barley and spring barley.

A quick-reference summary of the new label changes:
  • Addition of approvals for use in Spring Barley and Spring Wheat at a 0.3 L/ha maximum individual and maximum total dose.
  • Extension of the final application date from 31st Dec to 31st March for Winter Wheat and Winter Barley.
  • Increase in the maximum total dose allowed on Winter Wheat and Winter Barley from 0.6 L/ha to 0.9 L/ha via a split dose sequence*.

*A second application of 0.3 L/ha (now label approved) may give an additional contribution to the residual control of black-grass and annual meadow-grass in winter wheat and winter barley, especially if germination is protracted or emergence after application is expected and when used as part of a grass weed management programme.


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