Get your broad-leaved weed control off to a good start in Beet crops this spring!

Posted on 07 April 2022

Clayton Neutron® is a powerful, selective herbicide with foliar and root activity for use in sugar beet, fodder beet, mangels and beetroot crops.

With sugar beet drilling now underway, weed germination and flushes need to be controlled early, before weeds start to compete too much with establishing beet crops. Weeds in beet crops can be especially difficult to control if left to establish.

A range of troublesome broad-leaved weeds are susceptible and well-controlled by Clayton Neutron applied pre-emergence followed by post-emergence applications including Red Dead-nettle, Groundsel, Fat-hen and Scarlet pimpernel. Dedicated post-emergence programmes open up a far wider range to the weed control spectrum. In addition to the weeds listed above, Annual meadow-grass, Common Chickweed, Common Hemp-nettle, Small Nettle, Orache, Common Poppy, Pineappleweed, Shepherd’s Purse and Speedwells are all susceptible. Whilst Field Forget-me-not, Knotgrass, Mayweeds, Field Pansy, Field Penny-cress, Pale Persicaria and Redshank are all moderately susceptible.

Quick Product Profile


Suspension concentrate containing 700 g/l metamitron.


Time of Application:

Clayton Neutron may be applied either as a pre-emergence application followed by post-emergence applications or as a post-emergence programme.


Pre-emergence programme:

Apply the first application at the pre-emergence stage of the crop onto fine, well consolidated seedbeds free from established weeds. Cloddy or fluffy seedbeds or very dry conditions will reduce activity. A second application should be applied post-emergence of the crop at the first weed flush, when weeds are at expanded cotyledon stage. A further application should be applied when the next flush germinates (usually 10-21 days after).


Post-emergence programme:

The first application should be made at the cotyledon stage of the earliest germinating weeds. The size of the beet does not matter provided the crop is not under stress. The treatment should be repeated as each flush of weeds reaches the cotyledon stage until weed germination ceases.


Rate of Use:

Pre-emergence of beet followed by post-emergence applications:

Apply Clayton Neutron at either 1.65 or 2.0* L/ha as an overall pre- emergence application. This should precede two post-emergence sprays of Clayton Neutron at 1.5* or 1.65 L/ha + Cropspray 11E or alternative.


Post-emergence only applications:

An overall programme of three sprays using Clayton Neutron at 1.65 L/ha + Cropspray 11E or alternative. Residual activity is dependent on the cumulative rate of product applied so if the full spray programme is not used, residual activity and efficacy will be reduced.


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