Yellow rust warning for this late spring period.

Posted on 09 May 2022

As well as more susceptible varieties Yellow rust is now being reported found in varieties where it may not have been expected including Gleam, Skyscraper and Graham (Yellow rust scores for these varieties are 5, 7 and 7 respectively). Yellow rust is often more pronounced with late drilled and stressed crops, the current prolonged spell of dry weather will be placing crops under stress and could be behind recent increasing incidence of the disease.

Yellow rust is more associated with the earlier stages of crop development and control is typically targeted at the T0 and T1 timings. Crops that have not received suitable protection at these earlier timings will be particularly susceptible now. Most fungicidal activity against yellow rust is protective and therefore crops must be treated prior to infection or at the very early stages of disease development for best control. It is therefore vital for growers to monitor crops for this disease and if disease is found an interim spray may be required between the T1 and T2 timings.

Read more in the Yellow Rust Control Technical Bulletin below…

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