The Benefits of Early Disease Control!

Posted on 20 March 2021

Early disease onset in crops varies each season. If cereal crops are not protected at key timings and at the early stages of disease development, it can severely impact crop yield potential. Many fungicide active ingredients rely on protectant activity and therefore must be applied before a disease becomes established.

With an expanding range of proven cost-effective fungicide formulations, Clayton can provide valuable choice, flexibility and an ideal platform for tackling cereal diseases this spring with focus on core building blocks in the disease control programme.

Spring 2021 Cereal Fungicide Product Range:

AZOFIN® PLUS SC formulation containing 250g azoystrobin

PROTEFIN® EC formulation containing 125g prothioconazole + 125g tebuconazole

TRACIAFIN® PLUS EC formulation containing 250g prothioconazole

CLAYTON TEBUCON® 250EW EW formulation containing 250g tebuconazole

METFIN 90™ EC formulation containing 90g metconazole

CLAYTON MIDAS® EW formulation containing 50g cyflufenamid

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