Chocolate spot control in beans. Options for early control.

Following the warm autumn, relatively mild winter and wet early spring conditions, levels of Chocolate spot being observed in-field are high and building. Early control will be key to managing this and it is inadvisable to wait until early flowering before making an intervention. Benzovindiflupyr products now offer an excellent option for managing this disease... Read more

Chocolate spot control in beans 2023    

Clayton Pirimicarb – Product Focus

Clayton Pirimicarb is a fast-acting aphicide, and an ideal choice for growers to provide effective control of Pea aphids, Black bean aphids and other damaging aphids found in pulses. With much warmer temperatures likely to rapidly increase aphid activity in pea and bean crops around the country, growers should ensure careful product choice in early... Read more

Clayton Pirimicarb - Technical Bulletin - 2021