Spring Agronomy & Early Disease Control Benefits

Posted on 27 March 2021

A key part of good agronomic practice during the spring is to ensure a healthy crop canopy with sufficient green leaf area and light penetration when crops reach the vital flowering stage. This will ensure good pod fill and subsequent yield. Effective spring fungicide programmes are an important aspect in helping achieve this.

Products containing tebuconazole such as Protefin® and Clayton Tebucon® 250EW as well as metconazole based products such as Metfin 90®  can be used to manage forward crops to optimise the canopy for yield.

Light leaf spot can continue to spread in crops through the spring period from infection the previous autumn affecting leaves, stems, flowers and pods if crops are not protected. As a very damaging disease, yield losses can be extremely high. Applying follow-up fungicide sprays in the early spring period provides an important last timing slot to control the disease or minimise any further yield damage caused.

Sclerotinia stem rot can also develop in crops through the spring period which can result in premature ripening, higher risk of lodging and associated yield losses.

Fungicide sprays targeting Sclerotinia in the mid to late spring period are a vital tool for growers against this soil-borne disease. Other later diseases which may need to be controlled by spring fungicide applications include Dark leaf spot/pod spot (Alternaria) and Ringspot.

Assessing and identifying spring crops at risk of disease is vital for careful planning and good fungicide application timing to help achieve the best results.


Spring fungicide range providing choice & flexibility


Effective, systemic and protectant strobilurin fungicide

SC formulation 250g azoxystrobin


Reliable, adaptable systemic triazole fungicide

EW formulation 250g tebuconazole


Robust, systemic triazole fungicide

EC formulation 90g metconazole


High-performance broad-spectrum fungicide mixture

EC formulation 125g prothioconazole and 125g tebuconazole


Powerful systemic, protectant and curative triazole fungicide

EC formulation 250g prothioconazole


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