Welcome to our new look website!

We are pleased and excited to announce the launch of our brand-new website! Our new look website has been rebranded in line with the launch of Clayton’s new logo and brand image, which was rolled out to customers and visitors earlier this year at the Cereals event in June. What’s new? The website has been... Read more

NEW Technical Bulletin – Clayton Creed fungicide

Clayton Creed is a specialised co-formulation containing cyprodinil and fludioxonil, providing broad-spectrum disease control across a wide range of specialised crops. It has label approval for use in crops including Carrots, Celeriac and Pulses as well as in a wide range of Top fruit and Soft fruits.    It’s a highly versatile and cost-effective product... Read more

Clayton Creed Label     Clayton Creed MSDS     Clayton Creed Product Information 2023    

Plan ahead for protecting oilseed-rape crops cost-effectively this autumn.

We would advise growers to plan early their 2023 fungicide strategies for early-sown oilseed rape crops this autumn. For the best start and good crop establishment into the year-end, closely monitor crops for signs of Phoma and Light leaf spot and treat with broad-spectrum fungicides where needed. Clayton has a wide range of products from... Read more

Clayton Autumn OSR Fungicides & Cereal Herbicides 2023    

Plan ahead to safe-guard your cereal crops with effective early weed control this autumn.

Clayton offers a range of leading herbicides for the control of grass and broad-leaved weeds in cereals for pre-emergence and post-emergence use. Careful planning in terms of product choice and effective stacking of residual herbicides will help ensure the best start for your crop and maximise the success of your weed control management strategies… Discover... Read more

Clayton Autumn OSR Fungicides & Cereal Herbicides 2023    

Win a pair of Le Chameau wellies & Clayton’s T3 options!

T3 application timing and product choice are vital for good disease protection in cereal crops. Early ear emergence, rapid movement of foliar diseases up the plant and farm economics all mean that an effective T3 could be crucial this season. Product choice should not only be focused on controlling the quality and yield losses from... Read more

T1. A key timing for Cereal Fungicides.

Take a look at our helpful guidance around T1 fungicides, with product information and suggestions for wheat and barley, focusing on broadening disease control through the use of different actives. The T1 timing will be particularly important this season based on recent weather patterns across the UK and in situations where T0 applications have been... Read more

T1. A key timing for Cereal Fungicides.    

Chocolate spot control in beans. Options for early control.

Following the warm autumn, relatively mild winter and wet early spring conditions, levels of Chocolate spot being observed in-field are high and building. Early control will be key to managing this and it is inadvisable to wait until early flowering before making an intervention. Benzovindiflupyr products now offer an excellent option for managing this disease... Read more

Chocolate spot control in beans 2023    

Take a closer look at our full range of Cereal fungicides available for use this spring!

Growers can find useful product information, including guidance on use rates and fungicide application timings across our full range of products available in 2023, for reliable, cost-effective and powerful disease control in cereal crops through the season…   Click below to learn more about protecting your crops this spring and see our full Product Guide... Read more

Start as you mean to go on with your T0 fungicide applications this spring.

T0 is the ideal spray timing to set-up season-long control and protection of a number of key diseases in cereals. Take a closer look at our T0 fungicide Technical Bulletin which focuses on Yellow rust control as well as a useful product summary of various Clayton product options which can be utilised at this early... Read more

T0 Timing Bulletin - Yellow Rust Control    

Clayton Cocoon – NEW 2023 Product Launch

Providing growers effective, reliable weed control in Sugar beet and a range of other crops including cereals, OSR, linseed, maize, grassland and various field vegetables. For more valuable insights about Clayton Cocoon containing clopyralid, you can now refer to our Spring 2023 Technical Bulletin which covers useful product information around use rates and application timings, weed control... Read more

Clayton Cocoon Technical Information 2023    

Clayton Flurry – NEW 2023 Product Launch

Providing growers a cornerstone for reliable control of chickweed and cleaver in both winter and spring cereals, grassland and maize crops. For more insights and information about Clayton Flurry containing fluroxypyr, you can now refer to our Spring 2023 Technical Bulletin which covers a summary of useful product-specific information and advice. Please see below for... Read more

Clayton Flurry Technical Information 2023