Keep a close watch for aphids in potato crops this mid-late June period.

Posted on 19 June 2024

Check for the presence of winged aphids in crops, especially during warmer weather, and consider control options if they are present. Clayton Sparta™ and Clayton Lanark™ control a wide range of aphids in potatoes.


Summer aphid control

Aphids transmit a number of damaging plant viruses, in fact more damaging plant viruses are transmitted by aphids than any other group of pests. Crops infected with Potato leaf roll virus or Potato virus Y can reduce yields and infect tubers, causing significant crop damage. Aphid control programmes in seed crops should commence according to official forecasting risk warnings or if local aphid migration risk has been identified. In ware crops, spray treatments should commence when aphid numbers are building rapidly and reach threshold levels.

Clayton Sparta™ and Clayton Lanark™ are targeted insecticides that effectively control a wide range of disease-transmitting aphids in potatoes, including Peach-potato aphid, Potato aphid, Buckthorn-potato aphid and others.

For more details on our EC formulation Clayton Sparta and NEW high-loaded CS formulation Clayton Lanark, including use rates and timings, and information on other fungicide and herbicide products, see our 2024 Potato Range Guide below.

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