Early season weed control vital for a good start in protecting valuable potato crops

Posted on 16 March 2022

Potato crops are very susceptible to competition from weeds during early growth stages after planting. With relatively slow emergence and establishment of potato plants, fast germinating and fast-growing weeds such fat hen, thistles and many grass weeds can quickly smoother young plants to compete for light, water and nutrients if they are not controlled quickly.

Clayton has a wide range of herbicides for use in potatoes, including Clayton Comply(R) and Clayton Obey(R) containing prosulfocarb for pre-emergence or early-emergence control of annual grasses and a range of broad-leaved weeds in both early and main crop potatoes. Our products Clayton Mizen(R) and Clayton Mizuna(R) containing metribuzin, also provide useful pre-emergence and early post-emergence weed control options in earlies and main crop for a wide range of broad-leaved weeds, whilst Clayton Bramble(R) and Clayton Nero(R) containing rimsulfuron provide growers with useful post-emergence weed control in potatoes.   Contact us to find out more information on our full potato range.


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