Don’t get lost in your maize weed control choice!

Posted on 17 May 2022

With a choice of leading herbicides available providing broad-spectrum weed control across a wide range of timings, Clayton provides plenty of good options for growers this season.

In Northern parts of the UK, a large proportion of maize drilling has only just been done in the last 10 days as soil temperatures have increased. In these areas, Clayton Smelter(R) EC formulation containing S-metolachlor, is a useful option for post-drilling, pre-crop emergence weed control of certain annual BLWs and grasses.

During early crop development stages, Clayton Launch(R) EC co-formulation containing dimethenamid-P and pendimethalin, can be used for early post-emergence weed control at 1-4 leaves and Clayton Kibo(R) WG formulation containing prosulfuron, also controls a range of annual BLWs at the 2-4 leaves in this early post-em window.

Suitable for use in the later post-emergence timings, Clayton Goldcob(R) and Clayton Tassel(R) SC formulations containing mesotrione, can be applied in a wide crop development window from 2-8 leaves for useful control of BLWs and cockspur grass. Whilst Clayton Bramble(R) and Clayton Nero(R) WG formulations containing rimsulfuron, can be applied from crop emergence right up to before 4th collar fully emerged for BLW control.

For more information on our leading maize herbicides, take a look at our product summary below…

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