Clayton Paragon® – Spring 2021

Posted on 21 April 2021

For reliable, cost-effective spring weed control in Cereals

Clayton Paragon® new to the market in 2021 is a contact residual and translocated sulphonylurea herbicide mixture for use in cereals, formulated as a WG (water dispersible granule) containing 6.8% w/w metsulfuron-methyl and 68.2% w/w thifensulfuron-methyl. 

Clayton Paragon® is label approved for weed control use in Spring Wheat, Winter Wheat, Spring Barley, Winter Barley, Winter Rye, Winter Triticale and Spring Oats.

As part of the rapid expansion of Clayton’s Cereals product portfolio, Clayton Paragon® is a parallel product registration of the herbicide, Ergon. As such the high quality, performance and compatibility of Clayton Paragon® is assured for growers.

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