Clayton Cereal Fungicides Targeting Disease Protection at T3 Timing.

Posted on 17 June 2021

Last chance saloon…

With warmer temperatures, crops are developing quickly and T3 ear emergence application timing is now fast approaching in winter cereal crops in the UK.

Careful choice in terms of fungicide products at T3 will help growers protect grain quality from Fusarium as well top up foliar disease control to protect yield, especially with Yellow rust and Septoria pressure continuing to build in many areas.

AZOFIN® PLUS SC formulation containing 250g azoystrobin

PROTEFIN® EC formulation containing 125g prothioconazole + 125g tebuconazole

TRACIAFIN® PLUS EC formulation containing 250g prothioconazole

METFIN 90™ EC formulation containing 90g metconazole


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