Clayton Cereal Fungicide Range – Spring 2021

Posted on 18 March 2021

Clayton Plant Protection offers a wide range of leading fungicides for cereal crops this Spring. Achieving good crop growth to maximise yields relies on effective, early control of damaging fungal diseases. Careful planning in terms of product choice for contact and protective fungicides will help growers achieve the best results at key application timings.

Our products can help put in place the right building blocks for successful disease control. 

Spring 2021 Cereal Fungicide Product Range:

AZOFIN® PLUS SC formulation containing 250g azoystrobin

PROTEFIN® EC formulation containing 125g prothioconazole + 125g tebuconazole

TRACIAFIN® PLUS EC formulation containing 250g prothioconazole

CLAYTON TEBUCON® 250EW EW formulation containing 250g tebuconazole

METFIN 90™ EC formulation containing 90g metconazole

CLAYTON MIDAS® EW formulation containing 50g cyflufenamid



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