Autumn Disease Control for Oilseed rape

Posted on 19 October 2021

Clayton Plant Protection offer a choice of prothioconazole-based fungicides as straight; Traciafin® Plus or co-formulated; Protefin® options for early season disease control, to ensure the best start for winter oilseed rape crops this season. 

Target diseases

As two of the most damaging diseases in Winter Oilseed rape, closely monitor Phoma and Light leaf spot for spray thresholds in the autumn period and treat where required with broad-spectrum protective, systemic fungicides. 

Light leaf spot

Although symptoms do not usually appear until January, early action in the autumn is essential as fungicides work best as protectants. Triazoles are the only effective fungicide group against Light leaf spot with prothioconazole and tebuconazole offering good protection. Split applications work best with the first being applied in the autumn after GS 20 (usually late October to early December) and a follow up spray in winter or early spring. 

Phoma leaf spot / Stem canker

Identified in the autumn as circular lesions on the leaves, the threshold for treatment is when 10-20% of leaves are showing symptoms. A split treatment containing prothioconazole, with the first being applied in the autumn will give the best control.

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